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The Japan Bound Exchange is the next step in developing cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills. In this program our students will learn to share about themselves and their respective cultures as well as engage with their peers ideas and cultures. The experience will culminate with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and exhibit real life cross-cultural collaboration. These experiences will be invaluable as our students take their next steps into the future.

Program Details


Jr. High School, Sr. High School and University Students

*We do not accept individual applications. We place groups with like-minded and similarly aged groups on a rolling basis.


Click HERE to read why students are more and more interested in virtual exchange.


We accept requests year round. Once we receive your request for more information, we will work with you to find the right group and the right timing.


Students will use a combination of Flipgrid, LMS and Zoom to communicate throughout the program

*Internet access required


Due to the time difference we leverage a combination of synchronous & asynchronous activities such as video submissions, forum discussion and reflection throughout the program.

Weekly Time Commitment

For these programs, we generally recommend students log on for at least 30 minutes/day outside of Live Sessions. However, we work with you to find a schedule and school that works best for your needs whether that be 1 week or 6 months.


Subject to change depending on the length of the program.
Discounts available if groups participate in our Experience!


Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Program Overview

Program Outline

  • Phase 1: Foundation

  • Phase 2: Observation

  • Phase 3: Expression

  • Phase 4: Collaboration

Thank you for joining us! Japan Bound Exchange was created to bridge the gap between students in Japan and the United States (and the rest of the world!). Throughout this program, students will have the exciting opportunity to communicate with fellow students from other countries. Together, you will get to know each other and learn about new cultures, while discovering more about yourself in the process!


Like everything in life, a solid foundation is important for sustainable growth. Whether you're building a skyscraper or learning a new language, a solid foundation is important! In this portion of the program students build the foundation for communication with their peers through self-introductions, personality tests and learning about your pod-mates perspectives.


Observation is one of the first skills our students work on when developing their cross-cultural communication skills. Students should be curious and always asking questions to learn more about their pod-mates.


It's not enough to just listen and ask questions. Communication is a two way street and we emphasize this with our students by practicing sharing about their own culture and in doing so reflecting on what "culture" means to us.


The whole program builds towards a true collaboration across cultures. Every day start ups and young entrepreneurs are leveraging their cross-cultural communication skills to solve problems and change the world. We give our students a chance to practice similar skills as they navigate timezones and differing perspectives to produce a final product and presentation that they will share with the entire group and our mentors.

Our Facilitators

Tyler Bartels

"Nothing is ever real until it is experienced"

Profile Photo.jpg
Sam Yee

"Never underestimate your potential to change someone's life forever"


Connect with others across the world!

We accept inquiries year round. Once we receive your group inquiry we will reach out to set up a call to discuss your content and scheduling needs as well as what your hope for this program is long term.

After we have that conversation we will get to work on finding you a match and go from there!

*We cannot guarantee a match within a certain time frame, but we don't charge you anything until we've arranged a satisfactory agreement!


If you have any questions e-mail us at

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